The Project "Zuun Tsagaan Del"

The project to build an underground mine at Zuun Tsagaan Del The "Zuun-Tsagaan Del" fluorite deposit is located on the territory Ikh-khet soum of Dornogovi aimag.

Operational special license number №MV-011722, the total area of 141.8 hectar. Location:

- From Ulaanbaatar city - 280 км,

- Aimag centre Sainshand city - 180 км,

- Bor-Undur mining corporation - 60 км,

Zuun Tsagaan Del fluorite deposit is operated as an open pit mine. The remaining B+C reserves on 01.01.2015:

- B+C reserve 4.478

- The average content of 33.35% fluorite.

It is planned to operate with an underground mining.

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