Gold mining


The company’s “Zeregtsee” gold mine operates on the territory of Zaamar Soum of Tuv province and has 6 operational special licenses. Total reserves of residual gold 763.3 kg as of 01.01.2015.

The government allocated XV-020520, XV-020521, XV-020523 and XV-020580 in total 4 exploration licenses to the Mongolrostsvetmet LLC by the government resolution No 359 of September 7, 2016 in Zaamar soum, Tuv province. The company has initiated exploration work on XV-020523, XV-020520 licensed areas in 2016.

The company believes that there is a need to carry out detailed exploration work in the whole area and the commercial reserves of gold can be increased.

разъемная формачешская посуда

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